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You can see the double decker knobThe neck has 24 frets. We put a P90 sopabar in it which sounds great. The electronics24 frets and P90 Soapbar were a little sketchy. Since this was our first attempt, we put the cord input into the back of the guitar but, with a right angle cord that's not a problem at all. Also, since we wanted to simplify the electronics, we used a double decker knob with the volume on top and the tone on the bottom. The coolest thing though, is how the sound resonates through the Legos, adding to the big sound of the P90 and it's plenty loud with no amplification considering it's an electric.
Machinehead Tuners 24 Fret Maple Neck Multi level Knob Custom Hardtail Bridge P90 Soapbar Pickup

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