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The idea came while I was playing with legos. I didn't know what to build so I just sort of figured why not build a guitar body. This original body wasn't beautiful. It took like an hour or so to build. Nathan came over just as I was finishing it. He looked at it and thought that the idea was cool, but the design was bad, as I also knew it was. I sort of joked that I was gonna turn it into a real playable guitar, and he thought it was an awesome idea that I should seriously go for. Now, I obviously didn't have the design style, or morale or unlimited ideas enough to actually make it happen. He said he'd be glad to help with the construction and finance. We hit a few stumbling blocks and put in a bunch of time, but in the end it got done. After that we took it around, showed it to people and guitar stores. They all thought that a unique guitar like this must be worth something. I beleive the exact words of one music store owner were "The idea must be worth millions." We thought all of these people must be right. So we decided we'd sell the guitar for a lot more than we put into it, take our cut and put the rest into another guitar. It never sold. I'm still sure to this day that the reason it didn't sell was because no one knew about it. You don't shop for something that doesn't exist. So in the end, I Jonathan Broomhead paid off Nathan for his half of the finance and work while today I still give him credit for his half of the work and finance and I play the guitar and keep it. We're both proud of our accompishment and hope the idea picks up someday. Nathan now regrets his decision to sell his half, and we are planning to build another one for him to keep and play.