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Building the GuitarLego PlateNathan and I were the lead constructors with some help from Tanner Barney. First we constructed the body. We drew a sketch on my desk and built our body inside the sketch. Once we were happy with the design, we proceeded to super glue the pieces together. The entire process took a length of time over 27 hours. Once it was dry, we built the neck. It is constructed of maple and is built with the electronics built into the base to avoid snapping the body with string tension. After the electronics were put into the neck, we cut the space in the body to put it together. This is where Tanner Barney comes in. We used a ban saw to cut it out. After it was perfect we laid it together. We started by gluing the base plate to the rest of the body(the base plate was a large square, flat lego) Once the flat lego piece was securely in place we proceeded to put the neck in the body. We lined the plate with super glue as well as lining the insides of the body that would be touching the neck with super glue, so that the sound would resonate through the Legos. We used a flexible, yet super strong type of super glue so that the sound could still make it through all the glue, allowing the sound as much resonance as possible. We then put some screws in it. It is now as sturdy as any guitar I've played.

Tools were everywhere

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